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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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close for the nasdaq? what about the dow? [closing bell rings] after the run we've had not bad at all. david asman, melissa francis take it over right now for "after the bell." melissa: the dow snapping a four-day winning streak, down about seven or eight points. still settling right right now. the s&p ending down. all major averages up more than 1%. happy friday. i'm melissa francis. >> this shows the market still wants to grow. david asman. happy friday. this is "after the bell." more on the big market movers but here is what else we're covering in very busy hour. we have a lot going on. the las vegas police department holding the first news conference nearly two days in this hour. we're expecting to hear new details, breaking details about the motives, background of the shooter, and whether he had help
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from anyone. we will take you there live as soon as it begins. the white house just responding to the president's cryptic warning to the world, what he meant when he said, quote this, is the calm before the storm. melissa: he was trolling everyone. david: he was at an event with a lot of military people behind him. what was he talking about? ambassador john bolton with ideas of his own. he will share them with us. the gulf coast bracing for impact after tropical storm, a tropical storm storm called nate. it could be hurricane by the time it hits new orleans. they already declared state of emergency there. we are tracking the storm. melissa: the dow ending the day lower, nasdaq at new record high. quickly go to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole a surprise drop in the jobs number last month. it looked like it phased market but could have been worse for sure. >> they were right. they knew this would be a tough number and the whisper numbers, some which were negative, so we
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saw a loss of 33,000 covered up good news within the report. that was the labor force participation rate went higher. that average hourly earnings went higher. one and done, traders move on. taking a look at subpoena 500, you saw that was negative after six straight record closes. we hadn't seen that in 20 years. we broke that. the nasdaq is winner for the day. it hit a record high. closed with up arrows. taking a look, you saw the week, one-week charts. all are up more than 1%. look at dow winners for the week. financials, index of financials actually went to highest level in decade. intel, goldman sachs, 3m, j&j helped lead dow jones industrial average. there were plenty of winners. net flex. david: -- netflix, yep, hovnanian. we knew harvey and irma would hurt the jobs number. melissa. melissa: harvey and irma
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contributing to the first employment decline in seven years. we're talking about that. the white house is still optimistic. >> while many displaced weren't able to work, the economy still remains extremely strong. those people continued to have jobs which is why the unemployment rate actually fell. melissa: let's bring in today's panel. tom gimbel, ceo of lasalle network, jack hough from "barron's," heather zumarriaga from vision four. jack, we'll start with you. we might expect a bounce-back. we will see construction jobs in big states where things got destroyed. unemployment, probably temporary, what do you think? >> i don't think anyone is worried about job numbers. typically you see a bit of a economic pinch in the short term but more activity going forward. look at car business, you had dealerships were closed for weeks. that is bad business for carmakers. you had thousands upon thousands of cars destroyed need to be
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replaced. that is future business. i think the numbers will get better in short order. melissa: tom, what do you make of the fact, you're an employment expert, a lot of loss was in service, restaurants, that kind of stuff, going forward where do you think we see the pickup? >> shows how dated the bls report is. the fact of matter something in houston and southern florida dictates what con will be for entire country, now we're in rebuilding phase? i couldn't agree more with the other panelists, economy is still going strong. fed rates are staying low. maybe there is a hint, a hint of inflation, but doesn't seem like it tech sector is growing. back office is still hiring. this economy is healthy as it has been and participation rate increases. more people will go down there to work in rebuilding of these markets. it actually ends up being a positive moving forward. i wouldn't be surprised if next month there is restatement of these numbers. melissa: heather, at the same time, you see businesses being destroyed. there were people who lost what
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they had. they don't necessarily have insurance to replace it all. it is not all good news. >> it's not but again a negative 33,000 print in terms of job loss today is a positive in a sense that when you look at hurricane katrina, and other natural disasters in the past, losing 33,000 jobs when we had this kind of disasterous impact on both two big economic states for our economy, texas and florida, then we're doing pretty well. the key, melissa, here, is that wage growth up 2.9%. that's buell thing. melissa: jack, that had been the weak spot for so long, wage growth. >> good to see a little bit of wage growth. the market looked tight for a while. we've been all watching for it. now we're starting to get a bid. melissa: yeah. tom, where do you see opportunity going forward? where are the open jobs where people are looking for new employees? >> yeah. the real problem is we used to, we talked about the skills gap
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in the technology space and data analytics. now we have a blue-collar participation gap. we'll have a lot of jobs dealing in home building, construction, masonry, things along those lines. there aren't a lot of people out there that don't want to throw a hammer. even if we say the unemployment rate is skewed, the counter good economy argument, there aren't a lot of people willing to go from white-collar unemployed to blue-collar workers. i think there will be a little bit of gap of people willing to go down there to do blue-collar work. melissa: thanks so much. jack and heather. stick around. david: congress pushing full steam ahead on tax reform but can they get enough people on board to get americans a tax cut this year? adam shapiro inside the beltway with tax reform. what does a timetable look like? reporter: we're looking roughly 44 days for congress, at the end of the day today it will be 43 for congress to get its act
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together. that are 43 days they have left to pass the legislation but, david, there are several hurdles in the way. the senate still has to pass a 2018 budget resolution. there will be a conference committee. they have to come up with new piece of legislation both chambers have to pass and we have to fund the government before time runs out in december. after that we get tax reform by december 31st, while the president says most likely yes. he is pushing congress to adhere to his promise of a middle class tax break. here is what he said. >> this tax cut and tax reform is going very well, and it is going to be a tremendous boost for our country, including the fact that we're highest-taxed nation in the world, and we will go from that to being down on the lower rung of taxes. so we'll be paying far, far less. so that is very important for keeping our businesses and our jobs. [applause] reporter: so david, to give you
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a quick raft where we're headed next week we'll talk more about it. the house is out next week. the senate will be here. they have to work on passing that budget resolution, hopefully in november, in november, possibly get details of actual tax reform legislation from house ways and means committee chairman, mr. brady. back to you. david: i hope they write up in a bill and vote on the damn thing before the end of the year. adam, thank you very. we have republican congressman, adrian smith, from nebraska. member of house ways and means committee. they write up the tax bills. congressman, i know there are disagreements. a lot of republicans from new york and high-taxed states don't want to see end of deduction of state and local taxes but would that be a deal-breaker? would disagreements among republicans what goes in the tax bill, prevent tax cuts from happening before the end of the year? >> well there is that potential. that is why we need to focus on moving this ball down the field.
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i feel really good about this the house will be in session next week. we'll engage colleagues from across america. both sides of the aisle. it is important to get our economy growing again. tax reform, simplifying tax code with long-term, long term policy best way to grow our economy. we need to do that. david: we agree on that. here at least in this studio but it would be a disaster, would it not if disagreements over little things in the tax bill would prevent the big things like a big cut in the corporate tax rate that everybody, even democrats believe we need that? that would be a disaster if it doesn't happen before the end of the year! >> this is really once in a generation opportunity to really, truly, reform our tax code, really look down the road in terms of what kind of growth it can provide. let's not miss this opportunity. david: there is also this, what i think absurd attempt to balance tax cuts with pay-fors, make sure it is quote paid for,
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which is ridiculous. it is our money. we already paid for it. we don't need to pay for it again. would that interfere with tax cuts, that is, would some republican senators or congressman, say unless it is paid for we're not going to do it? >> there are variety of opinions even on one side of the aisle but in order to get long-term policy, it needs to fit within the budget reconciliation process. david: but hold on a second, because senator mnuchin, begs to deliver whether or not you have to have the congressional budget office get in the mix and score the thing. here is what he told "fox news sunday" a couple weeks ago. take a listen, if you can. >> we believe in dynamic scoring, and under our growth models at treasury, this will pay for itself. again we may not get full credit for that. there may be short-term impacts on the deficit but we're very, we want to be very careful in paying for this with growth. david: so he is saying essentially, damn the cbo.
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let them come out with their static analysis. we'll go ahead with cuts regardless what they say, to which you say what? >> well dynamic scoring i think it is important because is based on reality and the reality is, reforming our tax code, reducing our tax burden we can grow our economy and when we have a growing economy we have more people with ability to pay taxes, hence revenue grows. david: congressman if cbo comes out and says these tax cuts will cost a huge deficit, you say we don't care, we believe in the end they will pay for themselves and i vote for them despite what the cbo says? >> i'm anxious to hear a plan in terms, numbers i should say how this can actually help grow the economy. we know the framework provide for that. we need to work out details. david: but do you have any doubt that a tabs cut would grow the economy -- tax cut? >> i have no doubt that the tax cut can grow the economy.
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it is not just a tax cut. reduce that complexity, reducing the cost of compliance and keeping money in the economy is far more efficient. david: what i keep is the little postcard. steve forbes idea of putting your taxes on a postcard. would be great to have simplification. again if the tax cuts are held up by parts of the simplification plan, that would be a shame, would it not? >> that would a shame. we're working through the details. they are important. we need to have everyone on board because we know how important it is to get this done because it is such a rare opportunity. david: good luck to you, congressman. it will be a heavy haul. we appreciate you coming on. congressman smith. thank you. melissa. melissa: jack and heather are back to react. jack when i hear the talk about getting rid of state and local income tax deduction i feel like that is one of those things they put in so democrats will focus on it, give it away later and not in the final thing.
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like the thing they're planning on bargaining away. what do you think of the theory? >> they're sticking to the blue states. and a lot of republican voters here in new york for example. i don't think it will happen. i totally lost confidence you will see tax reform this year. i think you will see it next year. i think it will be greatly scaled down what they are talking about lately. melissa: heather -- >> oh. melissa: do you agree with that? >> i want to be a little more optimistic. i mean i can understand the frustration thinking this will have not shot in compromise. some democrats won't let it pass. even if president trump cures cancer, some democrats will not vote for it even if it is better to economy. i hope that not the case. melissa: do you think he will get chuck and nancy to focus on state and local deduction because it hurts new york and california terribly.
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it would cost a fortune. gets them to focus on that and give it away on the end? >> you're right. power of negotiation, "art of the deal." look in the end we want a tax code, more simple, efficient and fair. by current standards right now, our tax code fails. >> he has enough trouble with republicans, a few of them who believe the tax cut should be paid for. we have done this before, where we got sweeping tax cuts. growth will take care of it. we added to the debt every time. that is debt a lot higher now than back then. melissa: stop spending so much. stop spending so much. >> there you go. david: chuck and nancy. i didn't know you were on first name basis. that is pretty cool. melissa: absolutely. chuck and nancy. david: as you see at bottom of your screen we're awaiting a live news conference from las vegas police. we haven't heard from in two days. we're expecting new details from the -- about the gunman and his girlfriend and new questions the sheriff raised whether he was
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radicalized. we'll take you there as soon as it begins. melissa: deadline for decision on iran deal is quickly approaching. reports say the president is considering decertifying the deal. former ambassador john bolton will tell what that means, and if he supports it. david: if anyone knows, bolton knows. eaves dropping on head of homeland security? it might happened. they have reason to believe john kelly was phone was hacked while he was head of that department. details coming up. let's find out. noooooooo. chevy. that's right, it's chevy. they look amazing. wow. chevy's killin it. yeah, definitely. trade up to this light duty silverado all star and get a total value of over eleven thousand two hundred dollars. or during truck month, get 0% financing for 72 months on our most popular chevy trucks. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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melissa: breaking news right now. las vegas police department on the most cure. let's listen in -- massacre. >> we have run down more than 1000 leads in this investigation. while some of it helped create a better profile into the madness of this suspect, we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. i can assure you that we are aware of all aspects of this case, to include the rumor, innuendo and supposition by many in the public and i get it. we all want answers. we have looked at everything, literally, to include the suspect's personal life, any political affiliation, his social behaviors, economic situation, and any particular, potential radicalization that so many have claimed. we're also aware of course, that
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isis has repeatedly claimed responsibility which today, i can tell you that we have no known nexus to. we have been down each and every single one of these paths trying to determine why. to determine who else may have known of these plans. we will continue to investigate each and everyone of these areas, as well as all the tips and leads that continue to come in. we must remain focused solely on truth and fact. it is very easy to assume. we're collectively working with the fbi and many other partners to try to get there. at this time i will tell you again we have no credible information to report to you as to motivation. we will not stop. we'll keep you up-to-date as anything, as anything develops on that. i will tell you though that all of the rumor and speculation has not been helpful to our
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investigation. in the past terror attacks or mass murder incidents motive was made very clear, very clear in most of those cases by a note that was left, by a social media post, by a telephone call made, by investigators mining computer data. today in our investigation we don't have any of that uncovered. i wish we did. we will, and are continuing to investigate with great tenacity and hope to arrive at an answer. we reported in the media yesterday that we found the missing hundred -day tucson, with nevada plate, 114 b 40. it was in a reno residence. we reported to you. we all know now the name of the the man today bay security guard
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referred to in the media, i will refer that jesus campos is a true hero. i can tell you what i know what he did that particular day. we know he was dispatched to what they call a door alarm on the 32nd floor. he went up there to investigate the open door. as he was doing his job diligently, he came under fire by our suspect. as you know, he was struck in the leg. he turned around and retreated. he notified his dispatch which was absolutely critical for us to knowing the location and revising the responding officers as they arrived on that 302nd floor. -- 32nd floor. this was a remarkable effort by a brave and remarkable man. i want to say i don't think we've done good enough job recognizing him and his actions. and for that i apologize. i want to take a moment and clear the record that he is an absolute hero. also a couple of questions that have continued to come in
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regards to this tannerite and what materials that we had. you all know we have given you this information about where we found the tannerrite in the vehicle. tannerite is a binary explosive. evening composed of two substances. we had a significant amount of that tannerite as finish product. we had two chemicals of ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder, when combined make the finished product of tannerite. sorry to tell you i don't know what he would do with all that tannerite. i wish i did. we continue to find that information out. there are a couple of things before i take any questions from you. however, first and foremost our partner, special agent in charge, eric roush has information about a media plan that the fbi has launched. i would like him to explain exactly what that is. mr. rouse? >> thank you, undersheriff.
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i'm pleased to announce clear channel local in las vegas partnered with the metropolitan police and with the fbi to reach as many people as we possibly can. we're starting a information campaign seeking true none as to what happened in the events leading up to and involving this incident. the billboards will be displayed throughout the las vegas area. it will have the badge of the metropolitan police and seal of the fbi on it, along with the terps, if you know something, say something. along with a phone number which we have agreed will be 1-800-call-fbi. this is critical for us, as as the under sheriff mentioned. we will not top until we have the truth. thank you. >> thank you, mr. rouse. next up i would like to have the chair of the clark county
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commission, steve sisolak, come up to provide you some additional information as well. >> thank you, undersheriff. i appreciate y'all being here. in the past four days we've had numerous names assigned to this event, this tragedy, for official purposes, in the future, after consultation with the coroner and the official name which this tragedy will be referred to, the number one, october. digit 1, october. official name listed on all reports and investigations moving forward on this incident. thank y'all very much. >> with that i will take a couple questions. reporter: is there any indication, can you expand on the misinformation? there is a lot of rumors on line and how does that hamper the investigation? >> listen, we have a responsibility as law enforcement organizations to run down each and every lead, to
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debunk them, to determine whether there is any validity to those leads. as i told you, we have a significant number of those. the investigative effort is massive. we continue to do it, but rumor and supposition doesn't help. true tips of leads people know are imperative to the investigation. just because you think you know something, doesn't necessarily mean that you do. if you have factual information to provide us in regards to this investigation, it would be helpful to us. thank you. >> i understand a motive is still unclear. however can you confirm investigators while uncovering numerous electronic devices and cameras they may have uncover ad video which the suspect may have alluded to his motive or any type of video regarding the shooting? >> i'm not aware we recovered any such video. >> are you able to resolve the question whether there was, whether he had any help or whether there was accomplice?
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can you eliminate the question whether you are specifically trying to find somebody else? >> the question is, can we confirm whether there is an accomplice or not. i can tell you this, we're very confident did not, there was not another shooter in that room. what i can not confirm to you today and what we continue to investigate is, whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out. reporter: concerning the tannerite -- [inaudible]. >> you will have to speak up, i'm sorry. reporter: concerning question of tannerite what it is being used for was there any indication -- putting together ieds, shrapnel coin tapers -- containers or standard package that was sold? >> the question is about the tannerite was found, whether he was trying to make it into an ied. we found it in the condition it was and did not resemble an ied. reporter: video of mandalay bay,
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reviewed all that of anybody else was with him all those days prior? >> the question have we reviewed the video from mandalay bay? i can tell you there is voluminous amounts of video from many different locations. we have reviewed it. we have not located any other person we believe to be suspect at this point. reporter: is there indication that someone else used his card key to get in his room when he left the hotel? >> the question is, do we know that anybody else used the room key for the hotel room. we do not believe that happened. reporter: comment whether the shooter had any mental health diagnoses? there were reports about valium or other medication. >> the medical aspect is another aspect of the investigation we're keenly interested in and we're looking into that. go ahead, sir. reporter: security officer tells you the timeline, shot at 10:18, that is when he was shot, when
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was he shot? >> i can give you the exact time off the timeline off camera. i don't it in front of me as we sit here. let me clear about the timeline, right? what the sheriff and i both explained to you at different times is, information that we had initially, we went back and reconciled with what was on the body-worn camera and our computer-aided dispatch, cad data, that is represented to you the timeline best of our knowledge today. i'm sorry i cut you off, ma'am. reporter: i'm wondering whether you were looking into the obsessed month of october and bought the guns in october and did this in october? >> i can tell you our investigation is focused -- i'm sorry the question is are we specifically looking at month of october? the answer is we're looking at every aspect of from birth to death of this suspect this case. reporter: go back to the security guard. are you -- alarm went off on the 32nd floor, why it was going
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off? if at all possible that security guard was shot before paddock fired into the crowd? >> you have a two-part question. what time did the suspect go up, i'm sorry the security officer arrived to check the door and why, the question, the answer is, that the door alarm went off indicating that the door was ajar. so the officer was dispatched up to check that, that specific time. we have it i don't know what it is. i'm sorry your second question? reporter: is it possible he was shot before paddock was firing? >> the question is, was the security officer shot before the suspect was shooting into the crowd? the answer to that, yes, we believe he was shot, i'm sorry that we believe he was shooting into the crowd and then the security officer was shot during that event. taking two more. go ahead. >> percentage of injuries, i know we discussed this earlier. do we know how many people were actually shot, versus trampling injuries or anything else? >> that is question -- the question is how many people were shot versus other trampling
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injuries. as you well know the number we continue to look at both for dead and injured and we still have obviously critically injured people in the hospitals. you notice i'm not giving awe number, because that number continues to change every day. people are being discharged from the hospital. i will let the coroner answer those questions, because he is best provided giving you information, in regards to whether somebody received a gun shot wound or another type of wound. reporter: clarify a report, key being used when his car was out of the garage, did that happen? >> the question was his vehicle being used while his room key, was his vehicle out of the garage while his room key was being used? i'm not aware of that information, sir, no. last question. reporter: thought you might address this at beginning, do it again, over 22,000 people have belongs there, when will they get it back? maybe the fbi and metro can tell us? >> yeah. we've answered that question a couple times, ken, but the question is when will people be
4:30 pm
able to get share property back? as you can imagine we have thousands of pieces of property left on the field that particular day. we are diligently working to find how it is we can appropriately document evidence, where it lay, and catalog it, collect it and then find the mechanism to get that back to people that actually own it. i believe we're still probably about four days away from allowing that to happen. final thing i would like to close out by saying to you, that it is really imperative that the listening public have very clear understanding that there are still a number of people out there that know something looked out of place. someone may have been acting suspiciously that night or in the years prior, months prior. somebody that might, may have seep something much like the fbi, sac mentioned, if you know something, you need to say
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something. please provide the information at that 1-800 call-fbi. we'll update as as the investigation continues. david: there is the press conference. almost militaristic the way he answered questions. that is the undersheriff of las vegas. he confirmed several things, the gunman was alone in the room. there was a lot of speculation if he was only person in that room. he can not confirm whether other people helped the gunman prepare for the attack. that was an important point. he also said the electronic devices they have been looking at, do not reveal any video that he knows of, as of yet, that would explain motive in the case, where the gunman actually explained why he was doing what he did. he also talked about a hero, unsung hero up to this point. he was a hotel security guard. his name was jesus campos. he was shot by the gunman before
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the rampage began. he called into security. security called into police. this probably saved a lot of lives because in fact, police were able to identify exactly where the killer was probably long before he would have been discovered. so this was a very important, a critical point at which the police could begin to track down where the shooting would be coming from. melissa: they also, talked about the tannerrite that was in the vehicle, chemicals found inside. ammonium nitrate and was there a bomb inside of the car. as they found them they were not in the form of an iud. they were not in the form of a bomb basically in that car. he didn't know why they were in there. that almost confuse that issue a little bit more. the assumption had been chemicals were there to use the car as a bomb in some way but he is saying, that is not what it looked like in the car. david: tremendous amount of explosive devices and explosive material.
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they still don't know exactly what he had in store for that. our own hill very vaughn is in las vegas following the investigation. a lot of details in the presser, hillary. reporter: david they are desperate for answers. they have run down a thousand lead but it is still unclear why david paddock gunned down hundreds of people from his hotel room in the mandalay bay hotel. they have looked at everything literally, personal life, politically, economic situation. they looked into whether he was potentially radicalized in any way. none of those give a clear motive. they are aware that isis repeatedly claimed responsibility for this. that paddock was radicalized. they say at this point there is no known nexus or tie that would tie paddock to isis or point to any radicalization. they said they are frustrated in the past with mass casualty situations the motive is very clear, through social media post, telephone call, a note.
4:34 pm
in this situation they don't have any of that. they have looked through the computer data so far. they have uncovered nothing. so a lot of these answers remain unknown. if there was an accomplice, they say they are very clear there was not another shooter in the room at the time, but, they are looking for someone to see if anyone would have known anything prior to this attack either in the planning process, or anyone who just saw something slightly off, or sketchy. they're asking people, if you know something, please let let m know. they're desperate for answer as. david, five days later we have no idea why this happened. david: no social footprint by this guy. no fringier print. he -- fingerprints. he wore gloves driving through the desert. he didn't like to leave any clue, whether he knew the attack was coming or for some other reason. hillary, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: america's enemies on
4:35 pm
notice, military leaders issuing a strong statement, possibly a warning. >> you know what this represents? maybe it is the calm before the storm. >> what is the storm? >> could be, calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. melissa: this as global flashpoints flair across the world, including north korea's nuclear intentions. john bolton, former ambassador the u.n. and fox news contributor. i sort of think he was trolling everybody. >> you could be right. we're still talking about it 24 hours later. my guess, perhaps, on his mind, before the dinner he met with all the commanders, if they simply reviewed what their responsibilities around the world, it would make any commander-in-chief all too well aware of the threats that the country faces, but there could have been a bit of trolling in it as well. melissa: trolling for the media.
4:36 pm
it could also be, sending a message, like you said, whether north korea, anyone else who is thinking about, or has exhibited aggressive behavior during the lasted a administration, sort of took advantage of this country to say, look at these people who are surrounding me. guess what, there is a new boss in town? >> without regard to what the president may have intended i think you put your finger on it. a lost bills are coming due in this administration from what in my opinion are policy failures of prior administrations, particularly the last eight years, with north korea, with iran, with russia's aggressive policy in eastern and central europe and middle east, with china's aggressive policy in the south and east china sea, there is a long list of things that confront us. we're obviously focused on domestic economy and tragedy in las vegas and the like, ultimately the president's main responsibility is our international safety. melissa: what do you make of north korea's behavior recently? >> i think they are not
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intimidated yet. i don't think the chinese have really put economic squeeze or political change. i don't expect that to change until the 19th economist party meeting is over and ping's power is consolidated. i think we're running out of time. i take a lot of north korea's claims bluster. they have made a lot of progress on the ballistic missile side. the president's time is dwindling, or options are dwindling unless we want to see north korea with nuclear weapons which would be a mistake. melissa: the trump administration plans to certify the iran deal by october 15th. this is the commander-in-chief speaking on iran yesterday. >> we must not allow iran to obtain nuclear weapons. the iranian regime supports
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terrorism and exports violence. we must put an end to iran's continued aggression and nuclear ambitions. they have not lived up to the spirit of their agreement. melissa: so do you think he should decertify? what does that exactly mean? >> they haven't lived up to the letter of the agreement either, let's be clear of that, or security council resolution 2231. this decertify question is like a bright shiny object. it is irrelevant to the main question. the main question is the deal in best interests of united states? if the answer is no, of course we don't certify, but more importantly the president should announce we get out of the deal. it is utterly illogical, it is a one shoe on, one shoe off approach, we'll certify under the corker cardin but stay in the deal. if the deal is embarrassing as the president said he can not remain in it. i think proponents of deal doing
4:39 pm
almost anything they can to save it. hope time will pass and they can resurrect it. i think the president should cut and cut cleanly as paul laxult advised. get out of the deal. show leadership. create new reality and put pressure on iran. melissa: what is the next step after that? so you get out. that send as pretty clear signal except they sort of thought where the president's head was anyway. what is the next step after that. >> i think most people back in july, the last time this certification question came up, believed that when you said decertify, it meant getting out of the deal. that is common sense understanding. that is what he should do. decertify and exit the deal. then i think you put more american sanctions on them, for their nuclear and ballistic missile program. you investigate more carefully, the highly likely level of cooperation with north korea. we know they're cooperating on missiles. almost certainly they are on nuclear weapons as well.
4:40 pm
we go to the europeans. we understand this will cause you some difficulty. you need to join with us. we'll see what we can do, including talking to israel about military steps. melissa: they followed that advice with north korea and really cranked up the sanctions. have we seen any benefit of that? i know it hasn't been very long, but when you cut off the money and from anyone that does business with them that can do business with us it affects quickly. >> north korea doesn't have any economy. it is like a big prison camp. their economy depends on china and russia. we haven't seen real proof been put on. they see trump real serious and considering military force. iran is different. much more complex economy. i think we can have influence there, but honestly this regime still thinks it has the better. as long as the deal survives, they will be able to do deals with the europeans that benefit them economically, with china,
4:41 pm
with russia. we need to be unequivocal. this deal is dead as far as we're concerned. and we're going to act accordingly. melissa: ambassador bolton. always brilliant. thanks for coming on. happy friday. >> happy columbus day too. david: this may or may not be connected to the las vegas massacre, a terror plot coming to light about new york city. a canadian man was reportedly charged with an isis inspired plot to target new york concerts, emphasis on concerts, landmarks, times square and subways. the suspect did tell police he was trying to hit areas during rush hour in midtown manhattan, right around times square. he was either telling undercover officers or police on confession. we're not sure what, which one that is yet. now it is important to emphasize. this happened a couple months ago. it is just coming to light, perhaps because of what happened in las vegas, but again, this was an isis-inspired attack,
4:42 pm
according to police. the suspect is under arrest. melissa: all right. the gulf coast is bracing for tropical storm nate just after it tore through parts of central america killing dozens. we're tracking the storm's path. that is coming up. ♪
4:43 pm
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4:45 pm
david: new orleans already declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm nate is heading north towards that gulf of mexico, the deadly storm already claiming at least 11 lives in nicaragua, country already had been inundated with two weeks of heavy rain before the storm hit. what you're looking to pictures sent from family friend we have in rivas, nicaragua. this is the costa rican border. rick reichmuth, you're familiar with this area of central america t was hit hard. >> doesn't take a lot,
4:46 pm
especially with mountainous areas, rings out moisture, causes a lot of flooding. 20 inches in some areas. latest imagery, parts of western caribbean, off the yucatan peninsula. that is not good news. we thought it might have more interaction with the land. i don't think we'll see that. water temperature is plenty warm along its future path. that is not good news. if there is any good piece, we don't have a lot of time where we are before it makes landfall, somewhere tomorrow night. say 36 hours in order for this to strengthen. why we don't think it will get that strong. a little more rain to be had across central america, then across parts of u.s. because it is moving quickly and continue to move quickly now, it doesn't sit around to rain that long, so rainfall will be held down compared to other tropical storm. we'll see three to five inches
4:47 pm
for a lot of people. southern appalachians see five inches quickly and that will cause localized flooding. here is the forecast track. the track is very narrow. quite a bit of confidence comes onshore in southeast louisiana or mobile. maybe the western part of the florida pan mandel. that is tomorrow night into sunday morning. then move up across parts ohio valley and exit across the east coast. a lot of people getting moisture from this. david: getting moisture. moving on quickly. this is fast-moving storm compared to others, right? >> harvey sat there and rained so long. a lot faster than irma. that is good news. it will not have enough time over water to strengthen into the cat-3, cat-4 storm. it will be weaker storm than other ones we dealt with. that said, category 1 hurricane can cause damage if you're not aware what is going on around you. we'll see storm surge and trees
4:48 pm
down and damage to house and property. if you handle it right, you should be okay, if you don't you could be with problems into this. david: rick, thank you. melissa? melissa: alarming report personal cell phone of white house chief of staff john kelly may have been hacked. "politico" reporting that hackers or foreign government may have had access to data on his phone when he was head of homeland security. can you imagine? the suspects breach was discovered when he turned the phone to white house tech support over summer, claiming it wasn't working properly. david: other, my god. you would think they would have more specialized phone for head of homeland security. melissa: we always heard about that, blackberry black, one is supposed to be unhackable they use. david: nothing is unhackable these days. our everyday lives changed forever after the massacre in las vegas. local officials tightening up security at events all over the country where they have never seen this type of security
4:49 pm
before. we're on location with one of them coming next. ♪ i would put it on ford. let's find out. noooooooo. chevy. that's right, it's chevy. they look amazing. wow. chevy's killin it. yeah, definitely. trade up to this light duty silverado all star and get a total value of over eleven thousand two hundred dollars. or during truck month, get 0% financing for 72 months on our most popular chevy trucks. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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i see what others paid for them, and they show me the ones that match the car i want, so i know i can go to a truecar-certified dealer and it'll be right there waiting for me... today, right now. this is truecar. >> breaking news on now breaking up of an isis-inspired plot to hit targets in new york city apparently involving a canadian man who sunday custody. this plot apparently happen ad month ago t was just released today. the information about the arrest and plot itself because authorities were trying to get as many members of plot they could before they publicized it, but it may or may not be related to what happened in las vegas but it is very interesting that the individual or individuals who were captured in relation to this plot were targeting concerts and other similar venues. they were also targeting new york subways and so-called
4:53 pm
soft targets in new york city of which there are many, despite the best efforts of police to prevent these plots but it's a very interesting thing happening in new york. there is an event taking place in new york, that does sort of fit into that category. it has enormous increase in the amount of security, as well, it should. the "comic-con" event at new york city at javits center. that is where our deirdre bolton is located. a lot of people who may have complained about going through extra security there should know about this plot and realize that security may be saving lives. reporter: they certainly should, david, and this has a lot of firsts here under that security category. so for the first time ever, there was a third party security company that was added if you like, to the normal security layers which are already pretty deep here. but to your point, david, they had k-9 teams, seven of them.
4:54 pm
coming here was like going to the airport. i had to go through metal detectors, x-ray machines. there were two or three lines at every single entrance. we're speaking with a lot of security who are visible. there are also people undercover, if you like. so, big efforts being made here, especially in light of what happened in las vegas. also a technological improvement, the organizer and improvement of this event actually created an app, so if any of these event-goers felt he or she saw something unsafe, it was one touch away and third party members of the security team would come on demand. it hasn't seemed to dampen people's spirits this is about fantasy. there are a lot of fans of comic book characters, tv, movies, art. in fact 180,000 people are expected to attend in the next few days. so far we've seen a lot of interesting creatures, and people in costumes walking
4:55 pm
around. so it has been a fun stay at least so far, thank goodness without incident as we speak. david: fun and safe, thanks to great efforts of the new york police department. deirdre, great stuff. melissa. melissa: much rumor and speculation, white house spokesperson sarah huckabee sanders repeating a assertion with regards to rex tillerson. >> the president remains confident in the secretary of state? >> he does. as he said yesterday or two days ago, as i said yesterday, nothing has changed despite what you may read in the media or watch on tv. i would certainly trust the president and my comments far above those of other reporters. melissa: so secretary of state was not going to step down despite rumors of a rift between him and the president. that is the official word at this moment. what do you think, david? david: it a is a good question what i think. we heard similar statements
4:56 pm
about general flynn, steve bannon, scaramucci, before they left. media is so full jumping a the rumor before it happens. melissa: he is still there. david: president will stick by tillerson is my opinion. melissa: all right. david: one powerful song and two empty seats for the lives lost. one country singer's tribute to the las vegas massacre victims. ...
4:57 pm
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>> melissa: a moment of remembrance at the glad ole opry eric church performing a strong inspired by the tragic a track in las vegas. ♪ every morning when the sun is out and glory calms the breeze, i'll ask the god of my salvation why you and why not me, why you and why not me ♪
5:00 pm
>> wow that really gives you chills the country star performed at the route 91 music festival two days before 58 people were killed sometimes the best most beautiful songs are inspired by the worst tragedies. >> melissa: what a sad week. we'll see you next week risk & rewards starts right now. >> liz: we have breaking news the manhattan u.s. attorney announces the unceiling of charges against three terrorists arrested for participating in an international plot to carry out an isis-inspired terrorists attack in new york city in the summer of 2016 during the u.s. election. now the planned attacks including detonating bombs in times square and the new york city subway systems, shooting at civilians in crowded areas at specific concert venues, the three terrorists arrests came from canada, pakistan and the philippines and now law enforcement successfully thwart ed this terror plot and undercover fbi agents convinced the defendants basically an isis supporter was going to b


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